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November 10, 2013
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Doctor Whooves - Epilogue Pt 3 by Edowaado Doctor Whooves - Epilogue Pt 3 by Edowaado
A lot of technical babble. No need to understand all of it. Everypony seem to have lost some memory though. What do you think is going on?

So what's new? 
This lovely fellow by the youtube name, Quiet Water, has made a fan-soundtrack to my comic. At 6:20 there's even lyrics to the song ''Bon Bon's Lament''. Lyrics can be found in the description below it.

A wonderful fan-music gift, go check it out right here 


:bulletgreen: Doctor Whooves

Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 5:…
Chapter 6:
Chapter 7:
Chapter 8:…
Chapter 9:
Chapter 10:…
Chapter 11:…


Part 1:…
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I have to say, I started watching you only recently because of this comics (like many others) and it's actually what made me like Doctor Who. I had never watched the series, but I watched a couple of episodes and it was boring. This, however, was far from boring. I couldn't stop reading it.

But anyway, onto the actual critique:

Vision: I don't actually know what vision is, but I'm guessing it has something to do with how it's layered out or how I see it? I don't know, but it can't possibly be bad.

Originality: Giving you a four because, of course, Dr Hooves, MLP FIM and Doctor Who are not your original creation, but you did a great job on interpreting a story from mixing both series together.

Technique: Art Technique is great and improved throughout the whole comic. What I love about it is that it improved little by little, so I hardly even noticed the differences until I compared the first one to this one! I think that's really smart, even though it's likely that you didn't do it on purpose. I'd like it if you keep that going.

Impact: The story, characters and drama had a great impact on me. That's why I'm giving it a full five. I thought about for days before going to sleep.

Overall, this is fantastic. I don't know what you could improve on, really! But I'm sure you'll find out. Great job!
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Vision: Not quite sure but i think it's how it was planned outand i think you did that well.

Originality: It is quite an original story besides for what you took from Doctor Who.

Technique: The story was made very well the artwork was great etc, overall it was great.

Impact: You made us feel connected to the characters showed how Derpy and The Doctor have grown.

This story made me watch Doctor Who and i loved the show personally i think this has made me more excited for the show before i started it so all i have to say is well done. *clap* *clap* *clap*
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Jack-Walter-Darko Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
my self-esteem shouldn't be based on what other ponies think of me, right?

He says as he adjusts his bow tie.

Admit it, you want her to say it's cool.
HyuugaHigure Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014
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He wears a bowtie now, bowties are cool
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The Mites!
I should have known.
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It is not your choice whether others want you around.
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Doctor better go talk to Derpy in this or else... *grabs torches and pitchforks insanely* :D
jhock775 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013
no new companion he need stay with derpy that his old companion and his wife delete part 2 and 3  try again and doctor tell derpy he still alive and stay here with he family and help bon bon carrot top and everypony so pleses my good friend.
Eptir Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
When is the next part?
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