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December 26, 2012
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10000 Years Late by Edowaado 10000 Years Late by Edowaado
Originally, if this wasn't a special mini comic [link], I would have had the Doctor fail at bringing Dinky back and have the crack close.
The Doctor would have been forced to use his Tardis to travel 10,000 years to the future when the crack opens again in order to find Dinky. However in his search for her he had to go in even deeper and colder places of the ice city in order to face Dinky as a full grown queen of the ice ponies. Which would be much more difficult for him to break the spell and return her to her normal state, and also having less than 24 hours to do so before the crack closes for another 10000 years. If the Doctor wouldn't be able to bring her back now, he never would.

By his first meeting with her the first two words to leave the Ice Queen were

''Doctor Who?''
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Ok... I really like this idea. WHAT A TWIST it would be for this to happen.
Make this an actual comic
I like the idea, but wouldn't it be easier for him to break the spell on Dinky first, and then travel together 10,000 years in the future to a new opening of that rift?
I think you should do some comics of this version as an alternate ending
TheLupinearRider Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
although I love your comic special ^^ I do wonder will you ever to a side scene of this, not re writting but allowing us to choose our path and allow us to see a what if ending ^^
Oh you should AU write this!
This would have made a better story than the other one, but then i think it would just have been cruel to derpy bringing dinky back as an adult, so i prefer the other one :)
Edowaado Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If the spell was broken she would have returned as a fully anyhow how lost her memory of being the Ice Queen. So same ending, would just have taken more time :)
Hey, I had an idea. I want permission to write this as a story. I would make the title "10,000 Years Late" and make the cover image this image. I have all ready started to write this story, but I won't post it without your permission. I would give you all the credit and have it so you have to read this comic first. If you say no to me using this image, title, or the story entierly, I won't post it, but I would love to do this. i hope you say yes, and if you say no (which I don't think will happen) then so be it. I won't post it at all. If you want me to change any of these details, then I will. Please reply.
Edowaado Jun 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Permission granted. Knock yourself out.
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